There is a monastery standing on oak foundation grate in half-flooded underground corridors in Czech town Plasy. There is an inscription on the wall. It says when the water drops below a certain level, the building will collapse. This warning applies to the whole civilization.

Water can not be replaced. It always played and will play the key role for the beginning of life. Water is the gold of a new age because of climate change, irresponsible environment treatment and increasing number of people on Earth. Landscapes without water are also beautiful of course, but menacing inorganically. 

The beginnings of the drought have been visible since 2015, in soil moisture measurements since 2005. Some wells have not fultilled since 2005 (the state of drought threat can be monitored on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic). The nature law is that water attracts water and drought attracts drought. That is why important the landscape with sponge and ability to catch water is. It is not only creation of infiltration treches, also agricultural ares, forests and trees, which have incredible cooling capacity (a typical smaller tree of abou 7 kWh..powerful air conditioning has about 2 kWh). Roots of trees also take “dirty” water and the tree evaporates pure water. It evaporates about 100 liters of pure water per day.

When you look around Czech, we have one of the largest European fields with intensive degradation management. These fields are not able to retain rainwater. The little fields have merged into uninterrupted fields. Field groves, boundaries, important bio-corridors, important measures against water and wind erosion disappeared. Fields are plundered more and more, less good returns. The soil suffers from a lack of organic matter, which is replaced by chemical fertilizers that contaminate surface and groundwater.

We can influence the situation by ourselves. It can be solved by farmers, also by the state administration that we choose. So be careful in the future who we trust in elections.

I also would like to talk about water in connection with the fashion industry. Most of the tixtile materials and finished products on the market come from Asia, where the environmental aspect is not considered particularly. Although it is quite far from us, we are all in the same boat and this issue affects us. Indiscriminate massive practices, especially of Asian combines, have deleterious effects on nature and people. I do not mention exploitative inconveniences in accessing their employees.

I am very proud to have assembled the new Platinum 2019 mini collection from fabrics made in the Czech Republic. I have the best possible guarantee for fabrics to be comprehesively bautiful and highly responsible in their origin and impact on the planet.

Czech local textile company MILETA a.s. has a multi-stage production from a weaving mill through a precessing and dyeing plant. It focuses on the most demanding cotton products made with the help of technology guaranteeing quality associated with a long term textile tradition in our region. More local materials and local production is better for the environment.

Maintenance of clothes and using water at home is in our hands.
















It is said the consumer is responsible for 80% of all energy and water that is lost in production and use of textiles. This is a very important ratio and the question of the best alternatives. The recommendations are simple. Don´t wash until it is really needed. Let the worn clothing ventilate overnight. Choose shorter washing machine programes.

Excellent choice of detergents is a classic Ariel powder manufactured in Rakovník. Liquid has only about one-third efficiency. I see some “eco” products in our market.  They contains soups (eg almonds..). You must not have a hard water with a high content of calcium ions, or the soap is not active. Furthermore, is it “eco” to use import exotic nuts? Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. In the future, I would like to focuse the issue of detergents more. My sister-in-law is working on this topis in a scientific diploma work, so I can get information from the laboratory directly.

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