Welcome to LAHO design manufactory.

I am Jana Hodanova and I design and create authentic women’s sustainable fashion. I strive to be beautiful both in visual aspect and origin.

I carefully choose the materials I work with. The vast majority are natural fabrics of high quality staple cotton fibers. Weaving and finishing are taking place in the Czech Republic, where emissions and all processes are strictly monitored. Unfortunately, this is not the case with materials made in Asia that fly around the world several times. Surely you can imagine the harmful impacts on our environment.

The added value of LAHO is the complete local ethical production from design to top tailor processing in smaller limited editions. Some models are sewn individually after ordering. Therefore the manufacturing time is approximately 2 weeks in these case. Because everyone is unique, the prices of some models include minor customizations concerning individual measures.

LAHO can be ordered through the online boutique www.laho.cz and through www.fler.cz/laho, where you can see the evaluation. I greatly appreciate 100% customer satisfaction for several hundreds completed orders.

Occasionally I also deliver to stores Takkam Příbram and Fairly Local Olomouc in the Czech Republic.

I look forward to your wishes and hope that LAHO will make you happy for years and then your daughters and granddaughters.